Effective trade shows and events

Expolead creates more qualified leads

In today’s social media and digital marketing world, we strongly believe that face-to-face meetings are more important than ever before. Expolead combine your online marketing channels and business events to complement each other and to grow your business.

We integrate your event into your marketing communication activites to generate more quality sales leads. We offer end-to-end project management, strategic event planning, training and follow-up of results. You can outsource your entire trade show management process to Expolead. Or, we can provide a little extra bandwidth, just where you need it. It’s up to you.

Strategic event planning
Project management

Trade shows and events are important communication tools

35% increased investments in events & trade shows

increase of investments in trade shows and events during the last three years.
IRM, Institutet för Reklam- och Mediestatistik, 2014

67% of B2B marketeers rank trade shows as their most important tool

of B2B marketers rank trade shows as their most effective tool.
CMI 2013 Marketing Benchmark Report.

Investments in trade shows and events can be more effective

21% of the B2B marketing budget is pent on trade shows

More than 21% of the average B2B marketing budget is spent on trade shows but lack of resources prevents the event project to become effective. B2B Marketing Benchmark Survey, MarketingSherpa 2011

75% of the visitors had not been contaced by an exhibitor before the event.

of the trade show visitors had not been contacted by any exhibitor before the event.
Marketing Sherpa, Brand Study 2012

Only 1% of trade show budget is spent on training of booth staff.

Only 1% of the trade show budget is spent on training of the booth staff.
CEIR, Center for Exhibition Industry Research, 2012

Expolead makes a difference

With more than 20 years of B2B marketing experience with an emphasis on face-to-face meetings, we can make your next trade show or event more effective.

Please contact us to explore how!